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Amazing: this boy has been 10 since 1989

Amazing: this boy has been 10 since 1989
We have interviewed Bart Simpson, who, strangely enough, has been 10 since 1989.

Hi Bart. Tell us a bit about yourself...

Well, I always wear the same clothes and I’ve repeated 5th grade 32 times. I’ve done so many mischiefs I’ve become a Springfield legend.

Don’t you feel like going out of Springfield?

Well, I have. I’ve been to the UK, Japan… I’ve even sung for a few months with a flying nanny.
I go to school whenever I like, meaning not that often. Why leave Springfield when I’m having so much fun?

Don’t you feel like growing up?

And become a security guy in a nuclear power plant? I don’t think so.

Aren’t you interested in the future?

Been there, done that. It’s not exactly bright, you know. My sister Lisa has been president of the United States, and she even predicted Trump back in 2000. Can you imagine?

Yes, we can. Could you tell us about your parents?

Meh. My dad is such an idiot I might be 10 for a while.
By the way, why don’t you interview my mum? Keeping such a haircut for so long, that’s really something.

How about your sister Maggie?

She said her first word in 2007, and nothing since. I guess we should worry, but I can’t help thinking she’s actually smarter than all of us combined. Well, I guess with Homer, that’s easily done.

Aren’t you tired of your life?

Has Peter Pan ever got bored in Neverland? 

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