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Brooklyn 99: a picture of Rosa smiling sold for a million dollars

Brooklyn 99 a picture of Rosa smiling is sold for a million dollars
Well, Amy actually auctioned that picture so that her police department could afford a new car.
Surprisingly, Rosa’s picture was sold… a million dollars.

Who bought Rosa's picture?

According to our information, the lucky buyer is no other than Boyle, another cop at Brooklyn 99.
” I meant to remain anonymous,” he says, “to avoid embarrassing my team.The difficulty is that I put Rosa’s picture on my desk.”
“Peralta mocked me, of course, but not because of Rosa’s photo. He just couldn’t believe I was a cop with a million dollars in the bank.”

“To be honest, I didn’t really know what to do with the money Grandma had left me. Also, when I look at Rosa’s face on the picture, I tell myself I would do it all over again.”

We also contacted Rosa Diaz herself, who did not wish to answer our questions.

What about the car?

“We could afford a new car with that much money, probably more,” says Chief Holt, also with a dazzling smile on his face.
Le chef Holt nous offre son plus beau sourire
“However,” he says “there was what we may call an impediment.”
Indeed, Amy Santiago discreetly told us that Peralta had been in charge of the car purchase. He was supposed to come back with several suitable police cars, and brought a Ferrari back instead. 
“Problem is, Santiago says, that the Ferrari he chose is red. That’s not exactly great for shadowing criminals.”

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