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Dolores Umbridge: “I’m delighted to torture Harry again”

Dolores Umbridge the crown queen harry potter I'm delighted to torture Harry again
“Such a treat to embody again some useless tight-ass who tortures a young man!” says Dolores Umbridge, over the moon with joy.

The Queen and I

“The Queen and I have so many things in common: we both love weird strawberry-pink suits, very sweet tea and talking while people pretend to listen.”
“Don’t get me wrong, playing Queen Elizabeth II is no picnic. When I was a magical school’s Great Inquisitor with Dementors everywhere, that really had style. But when you’re just a queen with no power, surrounded with guards who have Marge Simpson’s haircut, that’s another story.”
garde de Buckinghman Palace

Prince Harry, yes it is he

“It is so great also to torture this poor little rich prince, who declares his family cut him off when he went on a farm with an American girl while actually possessing 32 millions pounds on his bank account.”
“After bugging Harry Potter denying Voldemort’s return, I’ll be able to nag Prince Harry, taking him to the Ritz before a nice little drive. What a dreamy life this is.”

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