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Friends: Ross Geller has become a marriage counselor

Friends Ross Geller Marriage Counselor
Do you have marriage issues?
Don’t worry: they won’t be as spectacular as seeing your wife leave for another woman who’s sexier than you are, utter the wrong name on the altar on D-Day, or marry the love of your life in Las Vegas, get divorced, then marry her again.
Ross Geller has been through all of this and more. The one who was called Dr Geller because he was a dinosaur specialist has turned into a new kind of doctor, and now saves the soul of married people who have lost their way.

What do patients say about Dr Geller?

“I’ve cheated on my wife with my secretary, Alan says. When I heard that Dr Geller himself had cheated on his girlfriend with a girl who attended copy machines while they were “on-a-break-when-they-we-not-depending-on-your-point-of-view,” I ran to his office.
“You don’t meet such a n experienced shrink every day, says Kate, a 33-year-old single woman. Besides, the fact that such a bore could get three women to marry him, that means I may still have a chance.”

"There’s hope for all of us"

Also, David and Matthew add, if Rachel could find this guy cute in high school despite his embarrassing haircut, there’s hope for all of us.”
“To top it all, he ended up with the one he loved! Says Greg, aged 43. I came to him for seduction tips. After all, if he could charm the one he loved wearing a weird pangolin costume, he can certainly do anything.”

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