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Homer Simpson investigates on a Whodonut

Homer investigates on a Whodonut
A scandal broke out yesterday at the Springfield nuclear power plant. Oh, nothing to do with a security breach, although Homer Simpson is still the chief of security there. The case is way more serious. 

Indeed, a box of donuts was emptied by an unidentified individual during lunch break, approximatively between 12.45 and 1pm. 

Homer Simpson is also the chief investigator on that case, and we had the great privilege of meeting him.

What can you tell us about this Whodonut so far?

Well, it is a classic case. A box of donuts was left unattended, and an individual stole them all when no one was looking.

Has it ever happened before?

To be honest, it happens every Friday,. We call Donut Day in here. Lots of companies have a casual Friday to put on weird Hawaiian shirts, but we’d rather stuff our faces with donuts.

Who was guilty the other times?

We never found out. And I’m the best investigator in Springfield, so that’s really a tough nut to crack.
Hmmmm… nuts.

Do you have any suspects?

Well, I think Carl did it, but I can’t say it out loud cause no one would believe me. Also, I have no proof. And he’s the kind of guy who has salad for lunch.

Do you have a lead on anyone else?

Well, at some point I thought it might be Lenny, but he usually drives a bumper car in the corridor with other colleagues at lunch time, so that doesn’t fit either.

I also suspect the boss, but let’s get real: he’s so skinny I’m not even sure he eats at all.

What would be the composite drawing of the culprit?

Probably some fat guy who drools over any kind of food, especially the really sweet and greasy one. His wife must prepare a healthy lunch for him every day, but he usually forgets it in the car or gives it to their famished dog before leaving the house. 

But I don’t want to get too specific.

Many thanks to the excellent Animaniacs episode for the pun on “Whodonut”

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