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In Six Seasons, BoJack Horseman Has Been Happy for 35 Seconds

In Six Seasons, BoJack Horseman Has Been Happy for 35 Seconds
We’ve got news from the most famous horseman in the world. According to a study by the Wonderfully Trending shows Fanatics (WTF), BoJack Horseman has been happy for 35 seconds during the whole six seasons of the Netflix show.
“That’s less than Daria and Marvin the Paranoid Android, but more than Todd Philips’s Joker,” says Trinity Vishoz, the WTF spokeswoman.
Indeed, BoJack Horseman, despite having a good friend who squats his flat, a devoted agent – sorry, manager – a super smart girlfriend and a lovely labrador, seems to prefer drugs, booze and self-deprecating for companions.
OK, his mother was a weird mix between Abfab’s Edina Monsoon and The Nanny’s Grandma Yetta, but in his adult life, BoJack has great difficulty in rejoicing in anything, including good news.

Why only 35 seconds?

The reason why BoJack’s happy moments are so few is that each time he hears good news, he is glad for half a second before realizing nothing will fill the void he himself has created.

According to WTF, each time BoJack feels good for half a second, he inflicts himself 47 hours of depression just to catch up.

Princess Carolyn, his agent – sorry, his manager – explains: “Lars Von Trier and Ken Loach have noticed BoJack’s suicidal tendencies and called me to offer him a part in a movie. Mike Leigh even stated that BoJack didn’t have to play sadness since “sadness came to him naturally.” Nick Cave also suggested him to take part in his next album. BoJack, however, declined all propositions.”

The only one who seems satisfied with BoJack’s personality is his pharmacist: “He simply is my best customer,” she states.

Hang in there, BoJack, we love you too.

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