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For once, Tim Burton’s next movie will star Eva Green and have “a gothic quality to it“

Next Tim Burton movie

This article is a parody, please read it as such 🙂

Now that’s a radical change for Tim Burton. For once, his next movie will exude a gothic atmosphere, and Eva Green will be in it, probably as the lead character. 

For the first time, Johnny Depp might also play a misunderstood loner, and Helena Bonham Carter could give her voice to one of the animated characters. Winona Ryder said she may also take part in the movie between two Stranger Things episodes.

A brand new concept for Tim Burton

Movie artists rejoice: “For once, says Matthew, the make-up artist, Tim Burton will need a lot of make up for his characters, all of a very pale complexion. My colleague Lisa, the costume maker, will also sew for him a series of costumes including sexy red dresses and black and white striped trousers. Susan, the decorator, can’t wait to start on the spooky old house. We are all very excited.”

Besides, Danny Elfman , a young and unknown composer, will also join the team for the first time. “Mr Burton contacted me on Twitter, Elfman says. He asked me to compose “a melancholy soundtrack for the movie, to go with pale beautiful women with sad eyes. I was taken aback at first, but I’ve finally accepted, even if that’s not really my style.”
“The most difficult thing, he adds, was to compose the lullaby for the creepy children at the heart of the movie.”
It is so rare and brave of a film director to renew his own style in such a drastic manner. We can’t wait to see the result.

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