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Parks and Recreation: “The Pit” is now a smashing hit in hell

Parks and Rec: "The Pit" is now a smashing hit in hell

Crazy Poppins has interviewed Rufus the demon about how he spent his time with his colleagues. He quickly mentioned the song ‘The Pit’ by Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation.

Hi, Rufus. Why makes "The Pit" such a success in hell?

We all dance to it during after-works and in nightclubs. At first, The Pit was just a song to welcome our new guests, you know, like they do in Disneyland or in vacation clubs. Only instead of cocktails, we serve them raw Brussels sprout juice (a vegan guest gave us the idea) and instead of a flower necklace, we offer them an electric dog collar. 
About the song itself, It was an instant hit. Our staff and guests are very international, we’d better have simple lyrics. And these are so repetitive, so enraging after the billionth time that we could not not love it.

What do you think Andy would say about it?

You know what? I think he would be pleased. His song never exactly became a hit in Pawnee, Indiana, so why not in Hell, YouDeservedIt? The irony would be to see him as a guest when he kicks the bucket.

But he’s the type to be so charming and stupid that he’ll probably get up there. Anyway, we’ll cheer ourselves up with Blair from Gossip Girl.

Will she hear the song on a loop too?

Well, we asked the boss if we could make it our official anthem, but he’s still hesitating with Baby Shark.

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