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Phoebe Rejected by The Voice: “They did not see my potential”

Phoebe Buffay Rejected by The Voice They Couldn't see my potential
Phoebe has wanted to be a singer since her sweet sixteen, even if the expression ‘sweet sixteen’ isn’t exactly appropriate to describe her teenage years.

She was, however, rejected by The Voice, and tells us all about her experience in talent shows, coaches and the hypocrisy of TV shows in general.

Phoebe: "I prefer YouTube singers anyway"

You know, I think the more talented singers nowadays are not on TV anyway. They’re all on YouTube, and I admire them for sharing their work with the whole wide world, with no fear of judgement.
Maybe I should start my own channel. After all, Rebecca Black got more than 150 million views for “Friday”.

"I'm probably too good for The Voice"

The Voice is fine if you’ve never made a hit before. The problem is, I had had tremendous success already in a video clip where no one could deny my amazing talent.
Also, The Voices “coaches” pretended to ignore that I had sung in a Taylor Swift concert once, although it was at the peak of my career.
To be honest, The Voice is sheer hypocrisy: producers usually spot singers long before the show, on YouTube or during jams and karaokes. But no one ever came to hear me sing at Central Perk’s.
Now that’s a shame.

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