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Rose: “Yes, I kept the plank all to myself like a rat”

Rose Titanic Oui, j’ai gardé la planche pour moi comme un vieux rat

Nearly 25 years after the Titanic movie was released, Rose DeWitt Bukater confesses at last about the tragic night where Jack was… No, that’s just too hard. Let’s say that she evokes for the first time the famous plank where she laid while Jack was freezing his balls in the Atlantic.

Eat the poor

“I have been brought up as an aristocrat, you know. The first thing you need to know about the rich is that we are experts in using available resources when they are scarce.”
“Cal, the big cynic whom I refused to marry, knew all about it, and basically stole a kid to working-class people just to get on a lifeboat. We were on the same boat alright.”

Just for fun

“You have to understand – I am just like other rich people. I even threw away a diamond that was worth enough to cancel the debt of poor countries. I threw it anyway, just to enjoy watching those guys look for it for ages under the sea. And also to see tourists buy Jack’s drawing in dubious antique shops. Do you know I still get royalties for that drawing? And I’m not even talking about the whole Titanic merchandise. To be honest, I made even more money than Céline Dion.

“In the end, getting close to a poor guy can be great investment. To think that our faces are printed on bath towels. Oh, the irony.”

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