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Scoop: Slytherin candidates participated in Squid Game

Scoop des serpentards slytherins ont participé à Squid Game

According to our information, Slytherin candidates have taken part in Squid Game, the killing game broadcast on Netflix.

“We call them our Death Eaters”

“Don’t forget that, in Squid Game, we all wear a green uniform, which makes Slytherins difficult to spot, says a current player. They cheat, manipulate us, have sadistic tendencies and mock the weak among us. We call them our Death Eaters.”

Other Slytherins did not hesitate in exposing this stereotype on social media: “I’m a Slytherin and I do not identify at all with this bunch of bastards, says Ophelia, who has watched Squid Game closely. We do have a dubious reputation, but to be honest, this Hogwarts house has more fake bad guys than real ones. Think about Snape.”

“Not all Slytherins”

That’s how hashtags like #NotAllSlytherins et #NotMyTeam popped on Twitter since the series has been broadcast.

“Well, alright, the ultimate bad guy and his mates in the series all come from Slytherin, says Maggie, a spectator. But apparently, the old man is a Slytherin too. I haven’t watched the entire series yet, but he loos like a good guy.”

Spokesperson for the Pro Slytherin Young Committee (PSYCHO) has stated: “We should worry more about the rich people who watch the entire game with a glass of champagne. It seems like they belong to all four houses.

He added angrily: “We are fed up with having this evil reputation. Please remember Gregory House is a Slytherin.”

He forgets to mention that Frank Underwood is a Slytherin too.

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