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The Good Place: Chidi hesitates between two ice cream flavors

Chidi hesitates between two ice cream flavors - The Good Place - On a eu Show

Chidi would love some ice cream. However, once facing the ice cream truck, tragedy strikes: as usual, Chidi hesitates.

The gelateria dilemma

Lucky for him, he has avoided the gelateria around the corner, that offers a variety of 42 different flavors.
This gelateria offers 42 different flavors
“My mother used to take me there when I was a kid,” Chidi says. “It gave her all the time in the world to see friends, have coffee, get a facial, etc.” She would come back at the end of the day and pick a flavor for me.”
That’s why this time, Chidi preferred to go to the ice cream truck by his place, where only two flavors were left, due to success.
However… should Chidi choose vanilla or chocolate? Which is the most ethical choice? As expected, Chidi suffers.

Chidi: "Is vanilla the ethical choice?"

Does this vanilla flavor really come from Madagascar, or is it just another purely industrial product? Anyway, even if the extract of vanilla does come from Madagascar, how was it delivered? That’s a very long way from the US, after all.
Above all, how many employees – how many children, maybe? – have been exploited so that he, Chidi Anagonye, a middle-class professor, could have some ice cream in the park?

Chocolate bore

By the way, is chocolate any better? That’s highly doubtful. Nowadays, who could tell whether the said chocolate is real or just some fake butter dyed brown?
Let’s suppose the chocolate is real. Even in that case, how could Chidi make sure that the company selling it isn’t awfully exploiting cocoa beans in tropical areas?
No, this is too dreadful à choice to make. However, Chidi would really fancy some ice cream. Not to mention his next class is in ten minutes.
Will he be able to make up his mind?
You’ll find that out in the next episode.

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