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Zootopia: Flash finally starts using Windows 98

Zootopia: Flash finally starts using Windows 98
Something new and exciting is happening to Zootopia civil servants: indeed, Flash and his colleagues can finally use Windows 98.
Crazy Poppins has interviewed Flash for two hours and a half to publish this 300-word article.

Zootopia admins are thrilled

“We’ve… been… waiting… for… it… for… so… long…” says Flash excitedly. 
His colleague Priscilla is eager to share what she’s discovered:
“I… started… something… on… Sky…blog… it… is… really… revo… lution… ary.”
From now on we’ll just summarize what they said, alright?
They are delighted to use a USB port at last. They have also discovered Google and made Altavista a thing of the past. However, they still work on Internet Explorer because it was installed on Windows 98 by default.
In their personal life, they are happy to use the AOL inbox or find love on

An old-school boss

Flash explains his boss is a bit “old-school,” and that he finds the Minitel very interesting. His secretary is also glad to have received her first typewriter. According to her, this writing ball is very useful.
For Zootopia citizens however, things haven’t changed a bit: you still have to wait for about two years to get a passport.

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